On-Site Management Practices

Prepared by Patrick Drohan (Crop and Soil Sciences)

Before construction begins, think carefully about the potential landscape change on or off your property.  It is important, before negotiating a lease, that you gather as much information as possible about the potential changes to your land in order to inform you and your family about ways you can minimize negative consequences (excess erosion, disturbance of valuable ecosystems, and loss of resources like timber or crops).  Collecting information about, for example, how a pad is sited, what happens when a pad is built, and what opportunities exist following pad and associated infrastructure development will inform you and potentially make your operator aware of new options for site development. 

Do you now have questions about what might be important for you to consider before a project begins? Curious about what to expect in terms of disturbance, and how you can work with the gas company or seismic crew to minimize its long-term effects? We suggest you begin with the Pre-Development Issues section of the guide.

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